The SoCS Team

The School of Canine Science is a new course provider for dog trainers and behaviourists.


Nando has been working as a dog trainer and instructor for 12 years. Best known for his accessible style, impressive YouTube tutorials, big personality and awe-inspiring ability to train the tricky dogs that many people claim are untrainable. Nando has also hosted his own international radio show. With hit videos receiving more than 20 million views and a Facebook page with over 20,000 fans – Nando is now enjoying a successful career in television having worked with Jo-Rosie on Rescue Dog to Super Dog. He is currently working on new projects for channel4. Nando is co-authoring a book with Jo-Rosie which is set to be published Spring 2017. As well as being an esteemed trick dog instructor – and founder of the In The Dog House trick dog titles, Nando‘s also made a significant contribution to the world of scent – and this year bought competitive nosework back on the UK radar by starting up The Man Hunt. Nando teaches hundreds of new and experienced dog trainers across the world in all aspects of dog training and has been invited to run seminars and talk at various large conferences in South Africa, America, South America, New Zealand, Australia and throughout Europe.


Jo-Rosie is an animal behaviourist who, after completing a degree in applied psychology and a post graduate in behaviour, worked for a large rescue organisation. After moving into a private behaviour clinic and working mainly with section 1 and 3 dangerous dogs, she became an independent expert witness and then went to work for herself. Jo-Rosie set up a Sussex based behaviour and training company which is still thriving. Along with co-presents channel 4‘s Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs, she has enjoyed a range of other TV opportunities and is currently working on new projects for Channel 4. In 2014 Jo-Rosie published popular training book ‘The Real Dog Yoga’ and is currently writing another title for the same publisher called ‘Desperate House Dogs’ which is set for release in 2017. Her passion for rescue dogs and in particular Pit Bull Terriers, has lead her to be one of the countries leading experts on the breed and as such she has been asked to talk on mainstream national TV, international and local radio as well as write for National and local papers on the subject. For the last year Jo-Rosie has enjoyed her role as Head of Behaviour for the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers lecturing both in the UK and Internationally and writing the level IV OCN assessment process for behaviourists but is excited about being able to offer a new range of courses.