Immersion Training

£50.00 Per person

Date: 1st-12th October 2018
Venue: The Kennel Club Building, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ

Raising the bar in dog training is one of The School of Canine Science main aims. This course boasts an exceptional and rare mix of practical and theory; with time spent getting fully to grips with the various learning theories in practice. Knowing your quadrants and being able to debate the semantics is pretty meaningless if you can’t apply it effectively and train behaviour.

This course takes basic and complex training principles and gets down to help polish trainers mechanical skills and knowing when and how to apply them. Covering a host frames from which to view training such as negotiations, ABCs, operant and classical conditioning and many more but with a huge emphasis on teaching people to do rather than talk about doing. It delves into a basic training approaches such as classically conditioning a response and works trainers through exercises with their own or other dogs to look at how this can be done to get the most bang for your buck. With so many opportunities to be personally coached by three internationally acclaimed trainers, you will learn to apply the most heavily discussed training principles on the web such as, for example: selecting and applying motivation techniques; harnessing the power that comes with dogs with so-call drive; the art of reinforcement delivery; creating cues with minimal latency, optimal power and precision; harnessing arousal; discrimination of cues and that all important stimulus control; the reinforcement continuum; as well as premack and much much more.

The final days are spend applying new mechanical skills to basic training puzzles such as teaching clients in a class environment and voluntary vet behaviour, target discrimination as well as easy and complex chaining challenges. With the evening time slots looking at planning classes, taking classes, understanding semantics and selling and upsetting training to clients, this course is an intense experience littered with room for 1on1 coaching and team work. If you want to become a inspiring trainer with the practical and theoretical skills to take a dog from easy basic training to expert level – this is the course for you

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